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Product import

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product import

It is understood that the first three months, Harbin export commodities, exports of automobiles and chassis, adidas jeremy scott wings an increase of 274.42%; textile yarn, fabrics and products of $ 9,620,000, an increase of 50.07%; furniture exports $ 9,430,000, an increase of 32.34%; pharmaceutical exports grew by 457.44%. Imported goods, agricultural products imported $ 28.97 million, an increase of 261.36%.

Private companies optimistic about the trade enterprises to Russia the number of households increased month by month the first three months of the

, Harbin City, adidas wings Russia import and export of $ 22,680,000, an increase of 3.23% over the same period last year. Among this, exports $ 10,120,000, an increase of 15.66% over the same adidas wings period last year. Due to the sealing off of some of the goods and price factors, a slight decrease in the number of import and export commodities from Russia. But trade with the Russian enterprises are still significantly increased, to reach a total of 75, an increase of 15 over the previous month of adidas jeremy scott trade with Russia was an increasing trend from month to month, especially the private sector increase is substantial.

Electromechanical high-tech product import and export of the main pull both rapid growth

It is understood that the first quarter, Harbin City, electromechanical and high-tech products showing the trend of import, export growth, and become the citys foreign trade The rapid growth of the main driving force. According to customs statistics, from January to March, the citys import and export of electromechanical products totaled $ 361 million, an increase of 50.19%. Among this, exports increased by 77.07% while imports increased by 39.94%. High-tech product import and export volume of $ 150 million, an increase of 117.21%, the total, exports of $ 30,810,000, an increase of 15.37%; imported $ 119 million, an increase of 181.37%. Imports of automatic data processing equipment and its components, integrated circuits and microelectronic components, an increase of 1456.58% adidas jeremy scott and 32.34% respectively adidas jeremy scott wings over the same period last year.





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