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A smiling David Tepper jogged down

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A smiling David Tepper jogged down

A smiling David Tepper jogged down a small makeshift runway at a crowded gymnasium … ton-jersey , crouching as he went to slap hands with wildly cheering elementary school children clad in blue Carolina Panthers T-shirts while music blared.After finishing his short jog, the Panthers owner smiled back at the crowd and seemed to soak in the moment.Tepper made his first charitable donation to the Carolinas on Tuesday through his foundation, giving away 12,000 new backpacks and school supplies to 17 elementary schools across the Ch, North Carolina, area including those students at Thomasboro Academy."It's been great," said a smiling Tepper of his first seven weeks as owner.The self-made multi-billionaire hedge fund owner is 60, but still remembers his days growing up in Pittsburgh in a lower-income household. His mother worked as a teacher at an inner city school, and he got to see firsthand how difficult it was for her to provide school supplies for her students.He also remembers walking to school with a brown bag because he didn't have a backpack. In high school he would sometimes hitch rides to school.When he purchased the Panthers for an NFL-record $2.2 billion from Jerry Richardson in July, Tepper said he immediately thought of supporting schoolchildren, calling them "our !!.""I thought it was a great way to start off," said Tepper, who is known for his philanthropy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey."Every kid needs supplies and there is a shortage of supplies. Teachers don't have enough money for supplies — and you know the situation in North Carolina and in the Carolinas in general with schools. So whatever we can do to help that out, it's great."Said Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis: "He comes in here with that same mindset we have (as players) with giving back to the community."Tepper is quickly becoming a popular figure in the Charlotte area.Unlike Richardson Ryan Kalil Jersey , who is more stoic and formal and kept out of the spotlight, Tepper exudes the feel of an ordinary guy, often dressing in khaki shorts, a golf shirt and a baseball hat.Prior to the Panthers' first preseason game, he tailgated with fans and knocked back a few beers."He's easy to talk to, he's approachable and he likes being around the guys," Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly said.When he bought the Panthers, Tepper vowed to change the culture and make it more of a family atmosphere where people are comfortable in the workplace regardless of race, gender or religion.That came after allegations surfaced of sexual and racial misconduct in the workplace by Richardson while owner of the Panthers. He was later fined $2.7 million by the NFL when reports were substantiated following a six-month investigation. The reports ultimately prompted Richardson, the team's founder, to put the franchise up for sale.Tepper is already shaking it up, doing things his way.The Panthers have worn two different uniform combinations in their first two preseason home games and there's talk of possibly incorporating a black helmet into the mix — a look Richardson would never go for.Tepper is also expected to put the Panthers logo at midfield for the team's first regular-season home game; Richardson always made sure the NFL shield was at midfield for more than two decades to honor the league.Tepper wants to build an indoor/outdoor practice football facility in South Carolina, just over the border.The Panthers have never had an indoor practice facility under Richardson.Tepper hasn't talked much about plans for a new stadium, but it's something he'll have to consider at some point as Bank of America — completed in 1995 — is now one of the older stadiums in the league.Last week Authentic Graham Gano Jersey , Tepper hired Tom Glick as the team's new president, saying he will bring a "new perspective" to the organization — with an eye toward bringing a Major League Soccer team to the Carolinas.Glick has spent the past six years working with developing the City Football Group (CFG), a multi-national soccer organization that includes six clubs including current English Premier League champion Manchester City FC. The Group also owns New York City FC of Major League Soccer.As chief commercial officer of CFG, Glick has experience working with soccer expansion, as well as building new stadiums and training centers.When asked if that experience helped Glick land the job, Tepper replied, "it didn't hurt."Tepper deflected other questions about business, saying he wanted this day to be about the kids."The first thing I did when I came down here is I said we have to do something like this in Charlotte," Tepper said. "We are thinking something across the two states in the !!. ... It's great stuff."And, he promised, only the beginning of his charitable ways in the Carolinas. The NFL Players Association will, as a practical matter, be investigating the NFL Players Association.In response to Panthers safety Eric Reid‘s latest iteration of his allegation that the NFL has subjected him to not-random random PED testing, the NFLPA reportedly is “looking into” the situation Youth James Bradberry Jersey , according to David Newton of may just be a way of placating Reid, who apparently believes that the NFL has exclusive authority and control over the selection of 10 players per week from each team that will be subjected to random PED testing, and that the NFL is skewing that process to have his number called repeatedly.“I know what I’m dealing with,” Reid said Wednesday, via Newton. “I have a collusion case against the NFL. This is something that doesn’t surprise me from them. It’s supposed to be random. It’s obviously not. I’m not surprised about it. Even though it seems crazy on the outside looking in, and it is, I’m not surprised.”But does Reid really know what he’s dealing with? As explained on Wednesday, the NFL and NFLPA have collectively bargained the PED testing procedure. Under that procedure, they have jointly hired, and they jointly pay, an Independent Administrator to operate the PED testing program. The administration of the PED testing program includes executing the random selection of players to be tested. And if there are any irregularities in that regard, there should be digital footprints, at a minimum.“I know I’ve done nothing wrong, so I’m not concerned that my drug tests will come back . . . that I’ll fail that test … sen-jersey ,” Reid said. “But the system is lying, much like what I’m protesting. It’s supposed to be a random system. I’ve been looking at math statistics trying to talk to people. I think it’s like a one percent chance that somebody gets tested this much. Statistically, big problem.”But what’s more likely, given the realities of the testing process? A statistical oddity or foul play? And if the NFL were somehow persuading the Independent Administrator to rig the system to target Reid, wouldn’t the Independent Administrator also be rigging the result to generate a false positive? Really, what does the NFL gain by surreptitiously engineering a non-random random PED testing process? The satisfaction of knowing Reid has to pee in a cup more often than he should? If Reid nevertheless believes he’s being unfairly targeted, he should quit huffing and puffing and commence the process of blowing someone’s house down. And anyone in the media who’s going to be writing or talking about this situation should take care when creating copy and crafting headlines and hot takes to make it more clear that, absent evidence that the entity jointly hired by the NFL and the NFLPA has rigged the random selection process, this hypothesis remains firmly in tin-foil hat territory.And if no evidence of shenanigans is found, that outcome should be trumpeted as loudly as Reid’s for now unfounded suspicions.





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