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Amazin Brain When during the semi-final match the Spaniards scored in the end the goal hated by the Dutch team of Germany, Read also: Brains are like fingerprints. There are no two identical Politics is also a team game, so it's no wonder that the joy of the defeat of opponents often hosts MPs or supporters of various parties. The problem is that political Schadenfreude often seems to take away reason - people can enjoy the opposition's mistakes, even if they hit their interests. At least, this is the result of research that prof. Richard Smith from the University of Kentucky conducted in 2007 with the participation of young people who were supporters of Democrats or Republicans. Smith prepared a special set of messages for them Amazin Brain watched the students react. These were reports about the beginnings of the economic crisis Amazin Brain American soldiers who were killed in Iraq. Astonishment of prof. Smith, however, caused the supporters of Democrats to feel quietly happy reading press reports about the deepening crisis in the United States. Economical than it had impacted on all Americans, but this fact for students identifying with the Democratic Party was not significant. More important for them was The same study revealed one more thing - young Democratic Party supporters admitted they were satisfied even when they heard of the killing of American soldiers sent on missions to Iraq. They were happy to hear about the next victims, because they showed how wrong the Republican President's decision to take military action in the Middle East.





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